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Sketch Artist In Delhi -The Rajasthan High Court on Wednesday (February 5) has sought a response from the central and state government on a public interest litigation to declare the legal age of marriage as 18 years for women unofficial. The division bench of Chief Justice Inderjit Mohanty and Justice Dr. Pushpendra Singh Bhati was hearing the PIL of Abdul Mannan.

Best Sketch Artist In Delhi - The petitioner said, "Different age determination for marriage of women and men is not only against gender equality and justice as given in Articles 14 and 15 of the Indian Constitution, but also against the honor of women who That is contained in Article 21. "

The petition states that in more than 125 countries of the world the age of marriage for men and women is the same. The National Human Rights Commission, following the National Convention on Child Marriage, recommended that India abide by it and the minimum age limit should be uniform.

With this, the petitio…

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sketch artist in delhi

sketch artist in delhi

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